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The idea for meeragenten originated on board a cruise ship, when we were ourselves part of the entertainment crew. While talking about our first contracts and getting our sea legs, we realised that many of us had the same questions when starting out and would have liked to have had someone to show us the ropes and prepare us to work on a ship.

Someone to explain the array of maritime regulations and prepare us in advance for the particular requirements for auditions and rehearsals, and differences between working on land and at sea.

Having someone to fall back on if/when difficulties arise; under way would also have been beneficial. A go-between who stands up for you when things get rough.

We see ourselves as intermediaries between and partners of all parties involved – artists, casting and crew management. We know our artists by heart and always follow our goal, to ensure optimal artistic and smooth organisational cooperation.

our services

What we have to offer

optimal preparation

We will prepare you for the particular audition requirements and advise you in your choice of monologues and song repertoire.


We offer courses in acting and singing.
Want to be better prepared for future castings or select roles for auditions? Talk to us.


We are by your side from the very start and are always there to answer questions - before auditions, during rehearsals or aboard the ship.

many Cruiselines

We work closely with various shipping companies and crew management agencies and are able to match our artists with them expeditiously.

Fair contracts

We negotiate transparent contracts for you, explain the fine print and ensure fair compensation.

we are your shields

If any problems should arise during rehearsals or on board, we will intercede on your behalf and mediate between the parties involved.

...but who are these


Pia Klausch

CEO, artist management, placement

Sören Vogelsang

CEO, artist management, webdesign

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