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The idea of sea agents actually originated on a cruise ship when we were part of the Entertainment crew on board.
During numerous discussions about our first contracts and the familiarization on board, we noticed that many, at the beginning, were facing the same questions and would have liked to have had someone who informed them about life and work on the ship and better Joins.

Someone who can explain the many regulations at sea and prepares one in advance for the special requirements of the auditions, rehearsal time and differences to the jobs on land.

In addition, it would sometimes be good to have a contact person in case of difficulties. A lightning rod that stands up for you when something crashes.

We see ourselves as intermediaries and partners of both parties-artists and casting-or Crew management. We know our artists very well and always have the goal in our work to ensure optimal artistic- as well as organisational cooperatio

Our Services

What we do for you

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Optimal preparation

We prepare you best possible for the special requirements of the auditions and advise you in the selection of monologues and plays.

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In addition to preparing for cruise auditions, we also offer courses and coaching in the areas of acting and singing. You want to better prepare for upcoming castings, or are you looking for ideas for audition roles and plays? Just talk to us.

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We are at your side with advice and action from the first moment on, and we are always avaliable when questions arise. No matter whether before the auditions, during rehearsals, or on the ship.

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Many Cruiselines

We work closely with many shipping companies and crew management offices and are able to communicate our artists optimally.

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Fair Contracts

We negotiate transparent contracts for you, explain the small print and ensure a fair payment.

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We Are Your Shield

If there are any problems during the rehearsals or on board, we will set ourselves up for you and are mediators and conciliators between the fronts.

You want to go on board?

Sven Sternheim

CEO, artist management, webdesign